Vocalensemble Memories

Gospel, Pop & a capella

Our group 'Vocalensemble MEMORIES' was founded in 1985 in Essen ('Ruhrgebiet', NRW, in North-West Germany). The primary motivation for us to come together and sing was pure frustration: Most choirs usually sing accompained by instruments, which typically results in 'bandmusic with background vocals' rather than a pure choral sound. We prefer to empasize the sound of our voices. Starting up with 4 persons, our group grew, currently we are 7 female and 5 male singers. Our arrangements (2/3 of them written by our leader) are for 4 to 8 different voices. Predominantly we sing a cappella, the remainder with piano / guitar / percussion.

'Memories' is a hint to our repertoire: We do not sing songs currently found in the hit charts. Even our modern ones are "classics", such as 'Oh happy day' (Gospel), 'Fivehundred Miles' (Folk), or 'Let it be' (the Beatles).

Mainly, there are two styles we prefer:

  • Vocalensemble MEMORIES sings spiritual music from Baroque to modern music, mainly pop-sacred and gospel.
  • In addition to this, we have quite an extensive repertoire of oldies and pop-songs.

On our 10th and 20th anniversary we released our 1st and 2nd CD ('Gospel pur' and 'Let the sunshine in'), respectively. For the contents refer to the repertoire list (songs marked with asterisks).

If you want to book us, just ask! Otherwise, any contact is welcome! Ramona & Dr. Andreas Beyer, Helgolandring 122, D-45149 Essen, Germany, +49 (201) 7 10 37 42 or E-mail contact Vocalensemble MEMORIES to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.


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